+ Airtel International Call Rates

You can now make calls to any international destination in the world. International call tariffs differ depending on the selected country and zone.

Please find below the current tariff (dependent on zone):

Top 5 destinations (US, UK, Canada, China & India)33.33k/sec
Zone 155k/sec
Zone 260k/sec
Zone 3N 1/sec
Zone 4N 25/sec
Zone 583.33k/sec

Other Zones

Zone 14N2.00/sec
Zone 15N2.17/sec
Zone 16N8.83/sec
Zone 17N2.33 /sec
Zone 18N2.50//sec
Zone 19N3.17/sec
Zone 24N3.00/sec
Zone 26N4.17/sec
Zone 29N6.67/sec
Zone 31N2.67/sec
Zone 32N2.83/sec
Zone 35N5.00/sec
Zone 36N6.00/sec
Zone 37N10.50/sec
Zone 38N16.67/sec