+ Cost-efficient 3G Data Sharing

Data bucket is a volume based mobile data bundle that a group of people within the same account or organization can share at the same time, regardless of their location, whilst leveraging on Airtel ‘s 3.75G nationwide data network


Connectivity on the Move
Mobile users can connect wirelessly to the Internet on a single plan regardless of location of the users

Secure, high-speed Internet wherever you are.

Usage caps can be enforced per line for different user levels and profile

Data allocation can be of any value no restrictions compared to standard individual data bundles

Cost effective
Reduced operational cost with up to 75% discount compared to standard data bundles

Flexible service plans –to suite a wide range of business needs.

+ Fixed monthly allocation of data allowances of varying per line

+ Data allocation can be re-distributed on a monthly basis.

+  Monthly, consolidated billing with access to itemized Internet usage details for every line

+  Can be provisioned on existing line with no service disruptions – no need for separate data SIM