+ Low Cost Campaign

This is a solution designed to enable large volumes of SMS messages to be sent, securely and reliably through Airtel’ s network, simultaneously, based on agreed date, time and customer demographic


Target subscribers of the desired demography(location, social, economic, etc.)

Fast Reach
No time lag in broadcasting of messages and enables simultaneous reach

Way of promoting product and brand awareness

Direct access
To your target customers – no middle man

Cost Savings
Save Millions compared to expensive outdoor or TV media

Extensive Coverage
Reach as many people as you want, locally and globally

Lead Generation
Generate interest in new products from existing and new customers

Connectivity via VPN or terrestrial link

+ Flexibility in mode of terminating/ originating SMS with support for HTTP, SMPP, etc..

+ Delivery confirmations

+  Flexible service plans with incremental, volume-based discounts

+  Self Service Portal available for businesses to directly manage their messages and customer data base

+  Unique sender identity

+  Enables Click through for product purchase