+ All-in-one service

Bundled services provide all in one services on a single package:

+ Discounted/lower rates and pricing
+ Combined services- voice + data + SMS
+ Combined services- voice + data + SMS + International
+ Combined services- voice + data + SMS + Roaming
+ Device Bundles available


Cost effective
Highly discounted all in one products

Planning and Forecasting
Easy to control and forecast costs for organization’s GSM usage.

Ease of Implementation
Services are easy to implement

Far Reaching
Extensive network coverage within the country and roaming partnership across the globe

Product options include:
Roam and Home Bundle – Save up to 90% discount on voice and data in 26 countries + free incoming calls when roaming
- Smart Life Bundles comes with Unlimited Calls, SMS and Data with a preferred international destination for free
- Data Plus Bundle provides Free national voice with selected data bundles
-  CUG Fusion allows customers to use the same CUG as Postpaid Plans come at highly discounted rates

+  Customized Build available for organizations