+ Secure Mobile Access Connectivity

Designed to provide enterprise customers secure access to private LAN & WAN infrastructure, and enterprise databases/applications over Airtel’ s mobile data network.

The service is delivered by the creation and setup of a dedicated Access Point Name (APN) which enables Individual cellular devices or machines to get authenticated (via a cell phone or MSISDN number) when they gain access to the organizations network or hosted application . Connectivity is ‘always-on’ once access is gained.

Used by organization with remote workers, banking (ATMs, POS), retail sales services (POS, vending machines), M2M services (vehicle tracking, metering, surveillance)


Full Mobility
Secure connectivity, anywhere there is a mobile data network without the need for a fixed infrastructure

High Speed
High transmission speeds with guaranteed uptime and better user experience

Cost effective
Pay as you use model for data consumption with limited upfront cost

Mobile Work force
Ideal for organization with mobile workforce or remote workers

Configured devices to do only what is permissible on the organization’s network…

No limit to the number of users or devices that can connect to the private APN

+ Secure – user authentication and control- Enables organization to restrict access to their network only to devices registered with it

+ Reliability : Instant connections (No dial-up modem connection is needed.)

+ Supports M2M applications- Telemetry, Point-Of-Sales (POS) Terminals, Fleet tracking etc..

+ Supports Connectivity applications - Backup/failover data connectivity and Secure connectivity to enterprise files, systems and applications.