+ World class conferencing

An On-Demand teleconferencing service that enables organizations have multiple, multi-party meetings/discussions using Airtel’ s enterprise-class, audio conferencing platform.

The Service requires each party to dial a standard telephone number and supply the passcode once prompted – the meeting organizer joins with a host passcode while other participant join with a guest passcode.

Every meeting HOST within an organization is assigned a unique passcodes which is used to access the Service, allowing them to initiate a conference call without having to pre-schedule the call


Save Opex
Reduced stress/cost of business travel to attend regular/ periodic meetings

Easy of Use
Access the service from anywhere- Home or abroad

On Demand
Instant collaboration with internal and external stakeholders irrespective of geographical location

Only authorized parties can access our private bridge

Faster decision making

Save Time
That would have been otherwise spent on travel and logistics

Coordinated and stress-free multiparty discussions which

Available 24/7/365 – no prior booking required

+ Dedicated dial-in number with custom welcome greeting for your organization

+ Local dial-in phone numbers in over 15 other African countries

+  Passcode Protected, session locks & Control

+  Flexible and unlimited passcodes allocation for individuals, cost centre, departments, etc.. within your organisation

+  Secure – participant authentication, name record, host roll call, etc..

+  Up to 480 meeting participants at a time

+  Dial-out capability & conference recordings available

+  Prepaid and postpaid service plans

+ Included value added services like call recording and out calling.