+ Personalized business tunes

A means by which businesses can promote their brand and bouquet of products/ services to individuals who call their employees’/ stakeholders’ mobile lines

Special tunes(jingles/ recordings) are loaded on employees’/ stakeholders' mobile line so that callers listen to a playback of the tune(s) while waiting for the call to be picked


Borderless Brand Reach
Recorded advertisements directly to target audience across national and international boundaries

Brand Identity
Building affinity and reinforcing the company's brand identity.

Target subscribers of the desired demography(location, social, economic, etc.)

Cost Savings
Save Millions compared to expensive outdoor or TV media

Lead Generation
Ability to generate and qualify interest in new products from existing and new customers

Multiple package and subscription option at organization or individual level

+ Multiple tunes can be uploaded on a single line with different playback times set for each line

+ Ease of use and setup

+  Single point of billing for corporate-paid model