+ Dedicated Internet Connection with Upstream redundancy

Dedicated Internet provides a constant, consistent, fully dedicated and un-contended connection between a company’s network and the Internet. Delivers seamless access to Internet services such as e-mail, web browsing, file transfer, e-Business and Intranet applications

Provides exceptional performance and reliability for mission-critical applications, and gives organizations access to emerging technologies such as online business transactions and supply chain exchanges


High Bandwidth and Reliability
High quality connections for businesses to host own servers (Web, Mail, Application, etc.)..

Market expansion
Take advantage of the e-commerce marketplace to increase revenues, reduce costs and attract new customers

Efficient & Resilient Connection
24-hour connection to the Internet, minimum congestion, exceptional performance and reliability, built in redundancy

24 x 7 x 365 resolution procedure to keep your organization abreast of progress until resolved.

Tier 1 Peering With leading ISPs & CDNs

+ Variable service speeds ranging from 512kbps to 155 mbps and beyond

+ Static IP addressing and DNS for a true Internet presence

+  Unparalleled latency compared to other ISPs and VSAT operators

+  Inbuilt upstream redundancy through Connectivity with all cable operators landed in Nigeria

+  Auto Detection

+  Proactive Bandwidth Management