+ Connect multiple lines to your PBX with unlimited phone numbers

Gives your organization the unique opportunity to connect directly to the Airtel network into your PABX for fixed voice service

Each E1 link provides thirty voice channels that can be simultaneously utilized for outgoing voice calls with unlimited numbers for incoming callers and flexibility to increase the number of outgoing call channels, beyond 30

Solution can be integrated into any traditional or modern PABX or call management solution and service


Number Retention
You can relocate to a new geographical location and still maintain the same number

24 x 7 x 365 support available to resolve all your organizations queries with established resolution procedure

Determine the different routes based on the cost of the destination, using your LCR software

Grow your lines, as your business grows

Cost effective
Value for money and easy to control and forecast costs

Direct PBX to GSM connection for Voice calls

Compatible with all ISDN PBX/PABXs

Maximize low GSM rates

Unlimited DIDs (Direct Inward Dial, allowing each staff to have their own dedicated desk number

Serialized numbering range

+ Compatible with advanced Least Cost Routing (LCR) functionality