+ Advertise & Reward

Incoming Call Ads is a solution that allows adverts to be displayed on mobile during incoming calls. It enables the mobile device owner earn points that can be converted to airtime.

The solution pays subscribers for seeing or interacting with an advert shown to them. The longer the Ad is viewed, the higher the reward in points, which can be converted to Airtime


Way of promoting product and brand awareness

Direct access
To your target customers – no middle man

Lead Generation
Ability to generate interest in new products from existing and new customers

Extensive Coverage
Reach as many people, locally and globally

Fast Reach
No time lag in broadcasting of messages and enables simultaneous reach

Track and measure
Campaign effectiveness

Cost Savings
Save Millions compared to expensive outdoor or TV media

Brand Identity
Building affinity and reinforcing the company's brand identity.

Borderless reach

+ Flexible Pricing and package options

+ Dynamic – adverts can changed as often as possible

+  Self Service Portal for organizations to view statistics and manage advert uploading

+  Self Service Portal for subscribers of the app to view their points and redeem their reward