+ Secure point to point connectivity

Networking service offering secure and reliable connectivity for organisation with geographically dispersed sites within Nigeria to form a private network.

Ideal for companies consuming high volume of data especially between one or more local sites

often used by:

+ organization requiring the very best for mission-critical voice and data applications.
+ organization with applications requiring digital circuits with low error rates and high bit rates, such as links between data centers


Virtually error-free transmission, supported by guaranteed service levels on every segment of the circuit

Wholly owned ring network. Guaranteeing uptime mission critical data ensuring continuity of service even during cable outages

Cost effective
Value for money and easy to control and forecast costs for organization’s connections.

24 x 7 x 365 resolution procedure to keep your organization abreast of progress until resolved

Far Reaching
Extensive infrastructure to take you across urban, remote and international locations

Transmit multiple range of digital traffic over a range of circuit speeds

>6000 KM of Fiber and growing

+ 96% Coverage of Nigeria’s land Mass

+ Extensive Metro Fiber Coverage

+  Inbuilt resilient based on ASON Technology (Automatic Optical switching Network)

+  Multiple Last Mile Access Options

+  Virtually error-free transmission, adhering to ITU-T recommendations

+  Supports numerous interfaces, data rates or protocols

+  Auto Detection