+ Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP connectivity

Airtel IP network is used to host a virtual private network based on Internet Protocol —to interconnect a large number of an organization’s sites, wherever they are in Nigeria, Africa or across Continents, without the need to use a series of private circuit

Airtel MPLS network allows businesses to transmit and access data quickly, economically and securely between local and international locations.


Any to Any Connectivity
Sites can communicate directly without depending on the head office for connectivity

Guaranteed uptime with restorable capacity, ensuring continuity of service even during cable outages

Determine different priority levels for different types of data traffic- voice video, data etc.…

24 x 7 x 365 resolution procedure to keep your organization abreast of progress until resolved

Grow the network as the business grows

Send digital traffic of all kinds, including voice, video, data, over a range of circuit speeds

15 Local Pops Across Nigeria with 10 GIG pop to pop Capacity

+ 17 Pops Across East and West Africa

+ 17 Pops Across East and West Africa

+  9 Global Pops

+  Layer 2 & Layer 3 Services

+  Any-to-any connectivity

+  Classes of Service

+  Scalability to provide for future changes in size and volume of data utilization

+  Supports integration with VoIP/Multimedia applications

+  Supports fractional bandwidths from 128Kbps to 1Gbps and beyond

+  Auto detection