+ Robo Call Service

Outbound Dialers are recorded calls made from an application to pre-defined recipients through their mobile phone. This service is used primarily for the promotion of products, services and other campaigns to customers on the Airtel network

Life like messages are uploaded on an application and sent to customers, based on agreed date, time and customer demographic


Borderless Brand Reach
Recorded advertisements directly to target audience across national and international boundaries

Fast Reach
No time lag involved in broadcast and delivery is guaranteed

Target subscribers of the desired demography(location, social, economic, etc.)

Cost effective
Significantly cheaper than other means of advertising.

Choice of timeslot to run advert which can be aligned to maximum impact period

Lead Generation
Generate and qualify interest in new products from existing and new customers

+ Borderless reach

+ Flexible Pricing and package options

+ Supports location-based campaigns

+  Performance statistics available