+ Free Internet Browsing

Sponsored Data will enable organizations provide free internet browsing (websites, mobile apps) for all site visitor who are using an Airtel phone to access such website, portals or apps.

Customers visiting the website of an organization or using the app of an organization, no longer have to worry about using up their own data or recharging their phone to access the website.


Cost effective
Reduced cost of servicing customers compared to other channels e.g. walk-in customers in a branch.

Sales Generation & Customer acquisition
Guaranteed to increase web traffic, new customer and increased sales

Customer Advocacy
Makes your customers promoters of your brand and increases customer stickiness to your brand

Market expansion
Encouraged prospective/new customers to buy your product

Flexible service plans –to suite a wide range of traffic needs.

+ Able to accommodate multiple website and apps on the same monthly package

+ Monthly itemized billing on traffic usage

+  Can be provisioned on existing line account– no need for separate data SIM