A dynamic business world requires a reliable and innovative service provider. This is what Airtel Business is all about. Whether your focus is revenue and customer growth, regional expansion or maximizing productivity, we have the service to meet your need now, and in the future
      + We are the 3rd largest Telecoms provider in the World
      + We are in Over 20 Countries and 5 Continents, including18 African Countries
      + We have over 300 m Subscribers world wide
      + We have the largest 3G network in Africa
      + We are Nigeria’s No 1 provider for connectivity with 24 Undersea Cable Consortiums, 9 Global Pops and 17 African MPLS Pops
      + We are Rated top 50 most trusted brand by Brand Equity
      + We were awarded 2014 most customer friendly telecoms operator in Nigeria. In the same year, our CEO was also named
         Telecoms CEO of the year